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Benefits of using short .com domain names in branding

Choosing a domain for your online business presence is one of the most important decisions you will make when bringing your business to the web. While it can be tempting to try to save by choosing a longer domain that no one yet owns, your investment in a short, easy to remember domain will pay off in the end. Some of the benefits of a short domain name:

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Short Domain Names Are Easy to Say

When you meet potential customers and vendors, having a domain name that you can say out loud without spelling it out is a boon to your new relationship. Each time someone hears your snappy domain name, the full picture of your branding becomes better lodged in their psyches.

You dramatically increase the chances that someone will jot down your URL to check out your site later if it’s short, easy and to the point. And, when happy customers want to tell their friends about your site, the short domain serves you well here, too. Make it easy for them to spread the word on your behalf and they will.

They Are Easy to Remember

If your domain combines several not completely relevant words, people are more likely to forget it. Is the site Or is it The harder your domain is to remember, the less likely you will get a repeat visit. Since it often takes three or more visits before a person is ready to commit to a purchase, losing repeat visitors costs you sales.

URLs that are easy to remember also help you build a stronger brand. Your company’s name, your logo and slogans and your URL will all fit easily together in potential customers’ minds, building a stronger identity they are more likely to trust.

They Show Commitment

By now, internet surfers are savvy enough to know that a short domain name is an investment. When you have one for your company, they know that you have spent the money needed to make a professional impression. A domain like has more heft and authority than above. People will feel more comfortable doing business with the company that gives the impression of having substantial brand authority behind it.

They’re Easier on Mobile Visitors

More and more people are using the web from their tablets or mobile phones. Mobile currently accounts for 30% of traffic. Google’s Matt Cutts says that he won’t be surprised if mobile searches surpass desktop and laptop searches this year.

Make your site easier for mobile uses to use by keeping your URL short and sweet. The easier your site is to use, the more likely mobile users will visit.

While you are unlikely to find short and snappy URLs available through registrars, many are available on the secondary market. Investigate options that are relevant to the business you want to start to find one that fits for you. The price of a branding-friendly domain may be higher at the start. But, the increased traffic and higher sales mean that your investment in your well-branded site will pay off handsomely in the end.


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