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Coaster Camping...... living the dream

Travelling around the country in a (Toyota) Coaster Camper is an iconic image that many place on their ‘bucket list’. The RV industry is growing rapidly and what was once an unattainable dream is now possible for many more people.

For those interested in seeing everything their country has to offer, investing in an Coaster Camper will take you off the conventional paths and introduce you to seldom seen landscapes and breathtaking views. You can enjoy the luxury of pulling up beside beautiful rivers and lakes, revel in the abundance of natural flora and fauna and if the spot entices you, then your bed is in the back seat.

Travelling in a Coaster Camper is often compared to camping in luxury, and this is quite in some aspects. On the upside, you can enjoy a mattress that won’t deflate, and home comforts to which we are accustomed. But, depending on the vehicle you choose, there are still considerations to be made regarding showers, toilets, and electricity.

Travelling in a self-contained vehicle means that you are not restricted to staying in caravan parks, as the vehicle contains eating, sleeping, toilet and shower facilities. It also means that you can enjoy free camping areas. Sometimes it’s good to give your generator a break and indulge in the luxury of a powered site, a fresh water supply and amenities that you don’t need to worry about cleaning. But those who choose to explore free camping areas may also be able to explore tourist attractions more frequently owing to the money saved on accommodation.


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